eat my ass
❝ heckin heck i love joetroh ❞
i shoulda quit this shit long ago
but i can't say no to all the fucking dough

neela || his/him/he || 16 || scott ian makes my loins burn
Song: Patrick Stump impression

Artist: Brendon Urie


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Song: Cake

Artist: Mindless Self Indulgence

Album: Tighter

Mindless Self Indulgence - Cake

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[listens to a fall out boy song] yes this is my favorite [listens to another fall out boy song] this is also my favorite [listens to every fall out boy song] yes, my favorite


blink 182 is so weird cause one second you’re listening to a song about blow jobs and then all of the sudden adams song comes on and you’re on the floor crying

i dont trust people who are attracted to me…like why? write me a 10 page paper with a legitimate thesis and valid points backing up your claim or you fake.

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"May cause sweating, peeing, and adequate hydration"



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♡✧pretty boy swag✧♡ (listen)

Because modern!AU Dorian Gray would be the biggest party-boy I will fight you on this

Have some trashy, hedonistic pop to prove my point


 |001. Opulence - Brooke Candy |002. Do It With A Rockstar - Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra  |003. For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert  |004. Love Money Party (feat Big Sean) - Miley Cyrus  |005. Pretty Boy Swag - Soulja Boy |006. Good Girls Go Bad (ft. Leighton Meester) - Cobra Starship |007. Beez in the Trap (Explicit) - Nicki Minaj ft. 2 Chainz |009. Stop Drop and Roll!!! - Foxboro Hot Tubs |010. No Church in the Wild - Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Frank Ocean |011. IV. Sweatpants - Childish Gambino |012. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - Lady Gaga |013. Washington Square (respiffed) - The Correspondents |014. Ooh La La - Goldfrapp |015. Make You Sin - Angelspit


have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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